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Holbrook, NY - Serving Long Island NY & Staten Island
805 Grundy Avenue
Holbrook, NY 11741
Phone: 888.402.7823
Fax: 631.580.4521
Email: info@vermeerna.com

Branch & Service Manager: Vincent Cesarino x310

Sales Representative:

Counties- Suffolk, Nassau, Brooklyn and Bronx
Carlos Jayme
E-mail- cjayme@vermeerna.com
Cell- 631.838.2408

Counties- Staten Island, Manhattan and Queens
Carlos Jayme
E-mail- cjayme@vermeerna.com
Cell- 201.637.8738

Rental Department:

New York-
Rental Manager
Peter Ricciardi
E-Mail- pricciardi@vermeerna.com
Cell- 201.359.6090

Rental Rep

Frank Thurber
E-Mail- fthurber@vermeerna.com
Cell- 609.923.9447