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Vermeer Iowa Celebrates 50th Anniversary

In 1955, the origins of independent, authorized Vermeer dealerships began when Gary, Ralph and Harry Vermeer, along with Leonard Maasdam started a retail outlet for irrigation equipment and harrow carts in the factory.   Shortly after, sales success led the dealership, Pella Irrigation Company, to move from the factory to a new location in September of 1960.  

Vermeer Sales and Service Inc., generally known as Vermeer Iowa, based in Pella, Iowa, sold Pow-R-Sprinklers and various farming equipment throughout the 60’s and 70’s.  As business prospered, the dealership expanded its products to the full line of Vermeer equipment and extended to locations in Marcus, Iowa, in 2002 and Tipton, Iowa, in 2008.  

Over the course of many years, Vermeer Iowa has been recognized for numerous awards including the top ten dealer volumes in the 70’s, the Maasdam Irrigation Apparatus patent in 1961 and three-time Platinum Mark of Excellence or dealer award.  Significant contracts have also propelled the dealership forward including the 1997 MidAmerica contract for trenchers, Navigator horizontal directional drills and vacuum excavation systems, along with the 2001 Alliance Select Provider contract for trenchers, vacuum systems, excavators and directional drills.  

Much of Vermeer Iowa’s success is largely contributed to employee experience and retention.  The dealership currently employs individuals, including one of the four original salesmen, Marvin Vander Werff.  Also previous general manager from 1967 – 1992, Vander Werff remains onsite and currently works as a part-time salesman.  Vander Werff believes employee commitment and loyalty to the dealership are valuable assets to the team.  “I think one of the big contributors to Vermeer Iowa’s success is that a majority of our employees are home-grown – they have a farming background and good work habits when we hire them,” admits Vander Werff.  “We are a close-knit family, and everyone seems to work well together.”  

This local commitment and work ethic is also displayed through a father-son duo who have both served in leadership positions at Vermeer Iowa.  Carl Boat, partner and general manager in 1960 preceded his son, Rick Boat, current CEO and general manager since 1992.  Vermeer Iowa has truly provided years of dedicated service to their customers across the state.   

This year, Vermeer Iowa celebrates their 50th anniversary.  To celebrate this milestone, the dealership hosted an open house in Tipton, highlighting the new 15,000 square-foot facility.  Congratulations to Vermeer Iowa on 50 successful years of service!

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